Race Results 2016
Race First Second Third
Frosties 4 Dave Abbott in Pharty (Phantom) Andy Smith in Flying Circus (Phantom) Sue Lock in (Laser Radial)
Frosties 2 David Pegg & Leslie Downing in Sooty (Wayfarer) Will Webb in (Laser) Pete Lock in (Laser)
Frosties 1 Dave Ashton in Quacks ( Solution) Junior 1st Finnian Anderson Junior 2nd Richard Stevens in Joybelle ( Topper 4.2)
Wayfarer weekend Gabriella & Peter Samuels in Another Dilemma Dave Ashton in SSC SpindriftLeslie Downing & Terry Sheppey in SSC Pluto
Presidents Series 2(6) P Lock in (Laser) D Pegg & L Downing in Sooty (Wayfarer)C Anderson & F Allen in Night Fever (Feva XLAS)
Brian Smith Trophy Jess Palin and Di Munro in Spirit (Miracle) Will Webb in (Laser) Peter and Skye Samuels in Another Dilemma (Wayfarer)
Presidents Series 2(5) Abandoned
Presidents Series 2(4) Pete Lock in ( Laser) David Pegg Will Webb in ( Laser)
Presidents Series 2(3) Will Webb in (Laser) David Pegg in Sooty (Wayfarer)Dave Abbott in Pharty (Phantom)
RNLI Pennant Pete Lock in (Laser) Dave Ashton in Quacks (Solution) Jess Palin in Agogo (Comet)
Brudenell Day Di Munro in Jelly (Topaz) Dave Ashton in Quacks (Solution) Andy Smith in Volare (Contender)
Presidents Series 2(1) Will Webb (Laser ) Leslie Downing in Quba ( )Andy S in Contender ( )
Pursuit Race David Pegg Andy Smith in Dot (Lightning)Di Munro in Jelly (Topaz)
Series 1(8) David Pegg & Leslie Downing in Sooty (Wayfarer) Quentin Garlick & Pat Robbins in Seagoon (Mirror 16) Di Munro in Jelly (Topaz)
Series 1(7) David Pegg & Leslie Downing in Sooty (Wayfarer) Will Webb (Laser)
Series 1(6) Cancelled
Round The Island Andy Smith in Volare (Contender) Dave Ashton in Quacks (Solution)
Series 1(5) Pete Lock (Laser)
Series 1(3) Cancelled
New Crew David Pegg and Jonathan Stevens in Sooty (Wayfarer)
2nd Mike Rowe in Skywalker (Laser)
3rd Pete Lock in (Laser)
Series 1(2) Will Webb (Laser)
Thaw 4 Pete Lock (Laser) Dave Ashton in Quacks (Solution)Mike Rowe in Skywalker (Laser)
Thaw 2 Di Munro in Jelly (Topaz) Jessica Palin in Agogo (Comet)Mike Rowe in Skywalker (Laser Radial)
Thaw 1 Dave Ashton in Quackers (Solution)