SSC Dinghy Racing

The Club has a full season of racing for dinghies. These are mainly handicap events, based upon the Portsmouth Yardstick / Numbers. Currently the most popular racing class in the Club is the Wayfarer, and there is a race trophy for this class.  The Laser comes second in the racing popularity and there is a miscellany of other class dinghies including a Laser Stratos and a couple of Mirror 16's which may well be the last of this 1970's class which are still racing.

Races are held on Wednesday evenings from April to the beginning of September and also on Sundays from April to November. Visitors are welcome to join in the non open events on a for fun only basis. The early Thaw Series and end of season Frosties are open to non-members. The New Year's Day Artic Antic and the Three Rivers Race are also open events. The latter is unusual in that the competitors choose their starting time (within limits) and can decide which way to go round a prescribed course, which includes the Rivers Alde, Ore, and Butley. 

The events events which are raced are not 'fixed in stone' so do vary from year to year. Please see the Sailing Club Programme, either in the yearbook or online here, for dates of all the races this year. Further details from the VC Dinghies via the club contacts page.

Trophies Races
Arctic Antic Arctic Antic Race Jan 1 open handicap
Thaw Series 5 race series handicap
Sunderland Taylor Cup 5 race series handicap
Molyneux Trophy 4 race series handicap
Skelcher Trophy Skelcher Trophy race handicap
Newman Trophy 6 race series Wayfarer class
Presidents Cup 6 race series handicap
Round the Island Round the island race handicap
Commodores Cup Commodores race handicap
RNLI Pennant 7 race series handicap
Three Rivers Race Three Rivers open handicap (sprint - special rules apply)
Whats it Trophy Handicap
Alde Anchor Handicap
Brian Smith Trophy Dove Point race handicap
Ladies Helm Handicap
Novices Mug Novices race handicap
Torch Trophy Handicap
Frostbite Trophy 6 race series open handicap
Helm Trophy Most sailed helm
Crew Trophy Most sailed crew
Jenny Tebbutt Cup Most enthusiastic Junior
Joyce Kerrison Cup Most improved Junior
Ray Nelson Cup Best racing performance
Junior Challenge Cup Best all round Junior