Visiting Yachtsmen

Slaughden Sailing Club is a small, friendly club and we extend a warm welcome to all visiting yachtsmen who arrive by water.

It is a tradition amongst sailing clubs to offer amenities, such as use of the slipway, fresh water, somewhere to leave the tender, directions to the nearest shops and the offer of a much needed shower. We have over 30 cruisers in the club and we know that such seemingly simple things can add enormously to the enjoyment of cruising. New acquaintances are made, reciprocal offers are made to visit home clubs, and friendships develop. All good stuff!

It would be helpful if you could phone ahead to let us know you are coming so that we can arrange for someone to meet you . If you arrive when there are members around please do make yourself known so that we can show how to make best use of our facilities.

If you arrive when the Clubhouse is closed there are contact numbers on the door and someone will come down to meet you.

The boatyard next door has a few temporary moorings available - the four white buoys marked on the map below. These are available on a first come first served basis, but you may prefer to phone Brian Upson before hand. Please do NOT drop anchor in the red shaded area as the swinging moorings are attached to chains on the river bed. You will not be popular if you get tangled up in those.